Admissions Process

Applications for admission will be processed through the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS). Application forms and procedural information are available on the TMDSAS website. TMDSAS will notify applicants when their applications have been sent to the school. Once your primary application has been received, applicants will be notified by email when and where to complete the secondary application.

Applications will be reviewed for completeness. In addition, applications will be reviewed for adherence to the admissions requirements established by the school. Those candidates whose files are complete and who are considered to be competitive for admission, based on the admissions criteria established by the school, will be invited to interview. These criteria include scores from the MCAT; academic performance as reflected by the science GPA and overall GPA; rigor of the undergraduate curriculum, including course selection, extracurricular activities (medical and non-medical), employment and their impact on performance and maturation; recommendations from premedical advisors or faculty; socioeconomic and disadvantaged background; personal statement and its reflection of communication skills, personal qualities, leadership, maturity, determination, and motivation for a career in medicine; and regional origin.

Candidates who are selected for interview will be invited for a full day of orientation to the school and interviews. The interview is designed to evaluate their interest and knowledge of the health care field and motivation for a medical career; personal characteristics; and problem solving skills. The interview can also address questions by the candidate that may have arisen during the application process. These interview sessions will be conducted weekly from early August to the middle of January. All successful candidates must participate in the interview process.

Following each interview session, the Admissions Committee will review the credentials and interview evaluations for each of the candidates and will make decisions for or against admission. The decisions of the Admissions Committee are final. Based upon these decisions, a list of acceptable candidates will be prepared ranking those judged to be best qualified for the study and practice of medicine. Following TMDSAS guidelines, we will make offers to exceptional candidates between November 15 and December 31. All other candidates will be offered positions through the TMDSAS matching process. All candidates, whether holding an offer or not, must submit preferences to the TMDSAS match by January 18. Match results are announced on February 1. A rolling admissions process will then be used to fill remaining positions.

Students who are accepted for admission will receive a packet of information during the summer before their matriculation. This packet will contain information about the community of El Paso and the school, including lists of books and materials required, class schedules, housing opportunities, and contact information. Additionally, the packet will include information and forms regarding various requirements that the students will need to complete before matriculation, such as acknowledgment of the standards for curricular completion, immunization forms, documentation of health insurance, documentation of a pre-entry physical examination, and a criminal background check.

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